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Permissions and roles in Drupal 7

First of all you need to define ‘access callback’ and ‘access argument’ in hook_menu() for respective uri. like this:
function hook_menu()
     $items = array();
     $items[item/list] = array(
          ‘access callback’ => ‘item_access’,
          ‘access arguments’ => array(‘view’),
     return $items;
Then you need to create hook_permission method within in the module
function hook_permission()
     return array(
          ‘view item’ => array(
               ‘title’ => t(‘View Item’),
               ‘description’ => t(‘User can view Item.’),
               ‘restrict access’ => true,
Then you need to define item_access method
function item_access($op, $item = null, $account = null)
     global $user;
     $user = $account;
if($op == ‘view’){
     return user_access(‘view item’, $user);
return false;
Now clear your cache. Donot forget to clear your cache as drupal 7 makes heavy usage of its cache.
Now go to /people/permissions page of your admin panel.
There you should see ‘View Item’ with little checkboxs, now enable then view of item for any users by selecting on them.

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